Japanese Tableware
Japanese Tableware
Offering a wide selection of Japanese pottery,
glassware and lacquerware.

Each pottery piece we order is crafted with care by local potters in areas
renowned for stunning ceramics.

We offer a large assortment of pottery
from traditional earthenware to modern ceramics.

We also design original pottery to satisfy the needs of cookings professionals.

We strive to offer a wide selection of pottery
to help you discover something new with every visit.

Major Products

  • Tanbayaki
  • Kyoyaki
  • Tokonameyaki
  • Setoakatsuyaki
  • Aritayaki
  • Hasamiyaki

Caring for Japanese Pottery and Ceramic Ware

  • Before Use
    First soak the ceramics in hot water before use to prevent cracking and color alteration.
    Ceramics with crazing glaze and stoneware (unglazed pieces) may leak. To seal the ceramic piece, dry off and fill with thin rice gruel. Leave for 5 to 6 hours before rinsing for best results.
  • Using Japanese Pottery
    Do not use a scrubbing brush or polish on the ceramics, or place the ceramics in the dishwasher.
    Run stoneware under hot water to give it a lustrous shine and make your meal look even more delicious!